Although there seems to be a general understanding that our thoughts, the way we perceive ourselves, others and the environment, create our reality, I don’t think that we take into consideration or possibly recognize that there is another subconcious script playing at all times.  These subconcious thoughts underly everything we are and play into our reality many times without us even recognizing their existence.  But I can assure you those thoughts are there. Every belief system, everything you were told about yourself (whether you believed it to be true or not), and every idea that you ever perceived is stored within you, shaping your daily life.  They are themes that were created by all that you have experienced thus far.

If you find yourself in situations which do not really coincide with what you desire, there is a belief system that is keeping you stuck in a repetitive story line that can only be resolved by examining the ideas that brought you to this point in the first place.  For example, if you are in a relationship where you feel as though you are not being honored or respected, there is a belief that you still have about yourself, whether conscious or unconscious, that is preventing you from experiencing self-worth.  Many times if you have one relationship where you are shown lack of respect, this dynamic can be found in many of your interactions.  Because, on some level, you do not believe that you deserve to be treated in a way that honors yourself.  YOU don’t honor YOURSELF.  And in this example, in order to shift these dynamics, you must explore within the experiences you had that brought you to the point of lack of self-worth, forgive those people, give gratitude to the experience for allowing you to choose otherwise, and begin to build a more positive self-concept that reflects a person self-love.  Obviously, this is no small task as it takes the courage to explore the uncomforable feelings that arise when you look into this understanding, but this is the only way to completely dissolve the aspects of your life that you do not prefer.  And, really, when facing these fears, you will find that what seemed frightening to you is actually not so scary anymore.  And, the freedom and joy that it provides you is more than worth the work it takes to explore and release these outdated ideas about yourself.

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