This is a Monday morning reminder…..Every cell in your body is listening through the field of quantum mechanics, also known as the vibration of particles on a subatomic level…your body is waiting to be guided by your thoughts, emotions, words, and self-love.  Their is an energetic field around you reflecting this.

You are not your body.  Your body is on loan for this incarnation.  Honor it.  Love it. Give gratitude for how far it has brought you.  And every day, in every way, give your body the respect that it deserves.  Then, and only then, will you see your health thrive and grow in ways that you had only dreamed.

Finally, remember, YOU ARE WORTHY!  If you exist, which you do, you are a vital, integral aspect of creation – of the Creator.  So when someone criticizes themselves, they are saying “Everyone in creation is worthy.  Everyone.  But me.  I’m different.  I’m special.”  So it’s actually the most arrogant thing that you could say.  If you exist, you are worthy of everything and anything.  So, go out there and live like the aspect of Creation or the fractal of God that you are…all Love, no fear.

I love you all!

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