When I look back now on what I believed was important or necessary versus what I now know is true, I recognize that all of the stuff – the clothing, the car, the house, the club, the job, the vacations Etc – is all truly just fluff, window dressing, smoke and mirrors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying physicality and all of the aspects it offers, but all of the “stuff” is really just a distraction from what we are really here to explore and accomplish.

We are here to evolve our souls.  Period. That is our first priority so whether we live in a shack or on a palatial estate is really irrevelavent.  And, in fact, the maintenance that goes along with keeping up an elaborate lifestyle can feel suffocating.  You can have all the “stuff” you have ever dreamed of having, but truly feel empty. And the reason for this emptiness is that your soul, or your higher self, truly has no interest in the the “fluff”.  This may sound like something you have heard or even thought about before but it is the truth.  When I went through the process of purging my life, either because life circumstances caused me to do so or I proactively chose to do so, I felt freedom, joy and ease that I have never felt before.

In fact, it is the process of actively releasing your attachment to all of the “fluff” which allows you to begin to truly feel joy in your whole being. The release of the belief that you need anything material to feel at peace opens you up to that which we are all missing.

My life has been slowly stripped of the desire or even the fear that “things” have to be a certain way and this was the key to opening myself up to the inner joy that I craved so desperately.  I was blouted with all of the material aspects, yet deprived of that which feeds your soul.   And even though the journey is ongoing, I now seek to release my attachment to anything that does not nurture my inner world.  It’s a process of knowing yourself and understanding what you are here to accomplish and experience on a soul level that creates an unshakeable peace.  I now know that nothing outside of myself can bring me the peace, joy and love I receive from honoring my inner world.  And I would not and could not have it any other way.

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