I had forgotten that I don’t have to walk this journey alone. Yes, I am here physically walking the path. But, before we incarnated, we knew that at some point we would remember to ask for help from our higher self and the company of heaven. We knew that we would need to do this because there are limitations that we have in the physical body. And we don’t know everything that we know when we aren’t in a physical body – we can’t see everything that we need to see. So, your higher self in all its wisdom is always with you – but only a fractal of your higher self is literally in your body. Think of it as a big ball of brilliant light above you and your higher self (you when not incarnated) is projecting a stream of light into your body to animate it with consciousness. Your higher self has infinite wisdom and can see all of the options and can orchestrate your interactions to move you towards finding everything that you want.

So, the you here on earth is being animated and is infused with a stream of your higher self (you). We are receiving messages but not the whole picture. As we evolve and drop self-limiting beliefs, the size of the stream increases so that we can get clearer messages and more information but that is an ongoing process.
This is a free will planet. Meaning, we are all master souls (no matter what it looks like on the outside) who have come here to experience and learn through extreme limitation. On a free will planet, no matter who you are, you MUST ask on a daily basis to be guided by your higher self and the company of heaven. If you don’t ask for guidance, you (your higher self/soul) cannot even help you (your physical self). Without this guidance, life is exhausting, stressful, hard work, confusing. And, we need other people to act, behave and do certain things to be at peace and get what we want. However, when we make the choice to align ourselves with the inherent knowing that we are powerful beings in an infinitely abundant universe – so come from a place of wholeness – choose to focus your attention on that which is whole in your life (not lack) and then on a regular basis ask for our higher self and the company of heaven to work through us – to guide us, direct us, speak through us – then we have hit the sweet spot. We have accessed our strength. We have tapped into our Source. And that is power. That is freedom. And that is peace.
You will still be making the decisions and taking inspired action, however you will be tapped into infinite knowledge who is guiding and orchestrating you on your path. And the freedom is that we don’t need to work so hard to get people to do what we need them to do. The universe is working with you and for you. And you aren’t efforting and exhausting yourself. There is ease, peace, comfort and love.

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