It’s very important to me that everyone understand who they really are – for that is a key component to finding peace within, without and eventually transforming the world. This journey that we are all on started with each one of us choosing to incarnate on Earth with the veil of forgetfulness. The excitement behind this idea is that discovering your true essence in the world of physicality and deep duality advances our soul, our true essence, exponentially. You see we are all master souls.

“The Earth Game” is a training ground, an advanced school, a Ph.D. Program for Master souls. No being in the Universe would attempt or even be permitted to attend this school without a certain foundation of mastery. Think about what we are doing here. We are incarnating into advanced biological physical bodies and veiled by forgetfulness to find our way back to our God-selves. For that is who we are – fractals of God. Each one of us already masters in manifestation and cocreation. This is not a journey for the meek at heart. The plan was to come here and navigate the duality and the density and eventually find ourselves again. Said like that, it sounds simple but as it is a journey for the masters alone, this is no small feat. We knew that the limitations would present a challenge, but we were also aware that these perceived obstacles would act as catalysts to awaken us to our greater self.  And once the awareness of this higher self began, we would RE-member to connect to this source and all of its aspects for guidance and direction, gracefully moving us closer to our original and eternal being.

This knowing is so powerful because of the prevelance of dense emotions we all experience here, such as lack, fear, jealousy, unworthiness. But there are no victims here. We have played the role of victim and victimizer. We have played all of the roles. And we CHOSE these roles to learn. And learn we have. However, now is the time to journey back to our eternal, infinite and omnipotent selves.  Bashar, the famous entity channeled through Daryl Anka, said the following, “There is only the understanding of the one thing that needs to be taught to all children on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on the planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That’s how powerful you are”.  *

We are all so powerful and although the feelings affiliated with fear have been valid experiences, that isn’t who are and the time of living in those emotions are over. It’s now time to thrive and live in our truth and our own unique, individual expressions of the creator. So please, begin to reacquaint yourself with who you are and live that joy every day in peace. You are love. And so it is.

* Source Facebook, Bashar’s Daily quotes, 8/16/13

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