In the usual synchronicity that I observe when I am aligned with my soul….I checked on YouTube, as I do almost every day, to see if there were any new videos on my channell subscription page and the beautiful Matt Kahn had just posted a new teaching that perfectly coincided with the concept that I had just learned. In order to make the best possible decisions for your good and the highest good of all, we must ask for help from the higher ups. 

In the past few days, I had surrendered to the knowing that I was truly lost in how to move past certain aspects in my life that I no longer desired. I could not use my own personal willpower to move through these situations. Everywhere I turned, every method I attempted to resolve these aspects left me feeling frustrated, defeated and confused. So, I  utilized the only tool I had left in my toolbox.  I implored the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters to intervene on my behalf and do what I clearly could not do for myself. I thanked them for all of their help in the past and asked them to please guide, assist or direct me to my highest good and the highest good of all. 

A few days after these prayers, but I am sure that the help transpired immediately, I began to see the light. And then the light grew from a crack to a window and then it blazed like the sun.

So, back to Matt Kahn. His new teaching is called “The Most Important Spiritual Decision”. And in order to receive the beauty of the transmission, you must listen yourself, but the gist is we must make the decision to ask the universe to help us on a daily basis. Why?  Because we never intended to come here and create a beautiful life by our own force of will. No, we came here with the intention to experience physicality and learn through our own personal soul missions with the knowing that we would always be receiving assistance and guidance from the universe, our higher self et. al.  We knew that embodiment meant we would be limited to a certain extent, and of course that is the learning, but we were not meant to be a one person light warrior. This is team work. So, remember to ask, every morning and affirm every night, that your current physical incarnation is being guided by The Company of Heaven. And then watch the daily miracles unfold. So beautiful.  And so it is. 

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