Oh, how this word has become a dirty one.

Filled with the perception of baggage, accountability is passed around like a hot potato at a kid’s birthday party. Responsibility is avoided like being the last person standing in a game of musical chairs.

Photo by Yangfan Gan on Unsplash

Why? How did we get here and where are we going?

On a simple and fundamental level, we have lost touch with the truth that taking responsibility is actually a privilege rather than a burden.

Responsibility is simply the ability to respond.

From a higher perspective, humanity has explored separation and disempowerment on a deep level. We are using the playground of creation to form a profound understanding of what it means to be consciousness in the physical world. This process of self-discovery is very much like a game. A game we can call, All That Is Exploring Itself.

Photo by Kamesh Vedula on Unsplash

So, we have played a long and involved game of let’s pretend:

  • We aren’t creators.
  • We are separate, disempowered and victimized.
  • We don’t have access to the tools of creation to mold life like clay.
  • All of our power is external through manipulation, control, and force.
  • Avoiding responsibility assists us in maintaining control.

And in THAT game, giving away our sovereignty is very tempting. In THAT game, we believe our authority rests in our ability to control the outcome through external forces and with as little accountability as possible.

But that game is over.

Officially. Done.

Responsibility is a fundamental tool of creation. We are now heading back to truth.

And the truth is that we are actually creators. Magicians of sorts in the physical universe.

And being a creator means when you take responsibility you connect with the tools of existence and directly access your power. All of it.

Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash

Responsibility is the privilege and opportunity to make your mark on the world.

In order to be the creator of your experience…if you want to take back sovereignty of your life….you must own it all. Not some of it. Not 3/4 of it. All of it. Period.

So make friends with responsibility. Consider it your constant companion.

It’s not a burden to you. It’s your privilege and honor.

Grab it. Own it. And then live it.

Then you will become sovereign. And then, you will experience unimaginable joy and daily miracles.

That is my promise to you.

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