It’s a choice.

Maybe in the past you could have called it that. But not now. No way.

It may not appear that we are heading in this direction. The chaos may seem to tell a different story. But the chaos is what change looks like when its seeds are sprouting.

Soon signs of peace will be in full bloom.

Humanity itself is evolving.

And not just that. But, the new children being being born, especially now, but also over the past twenty years or so WILL NOT sell their soul to the war machine. They won’t buy into the rhetoric of “war and violence is necessary for my own safety and well-being” or “we must sacrifice freedom or give up liberties to attain stability and prosperity”. They possess a wisdom that hasn’t been on the planet for millennia.

The game of “you must buy into the system” is over.

These are the ideologies pushed:

  • Survival of the fittest
  • Hierarchy
  • Lack, Scarcity and Fierce competition for resources
  • I must fear other races, religions, creeds, skin colors, sexualities, gender and lifestyle choices, etc because they are different from mine — they threaten my stability, prosperity and peace.
  • Acts of war provide safety from evil doers and create a healthy economy
  • I am separate from everyone else and must do things that hurt others just to survive
  • Fear; the world is a scary place and I must be on high alert
  • Materialism and Wealth is the American Dream

We are evolving towards:

  • Cooperation and Collaboration is a far more effective strategy in running all of our global systems.
  • All Life is Equal. Period.
  • There are Unlimited Resources available to all of humanity. If we use what we need rather than what we want, while making different decisions about how we treat planet earth.
  • We are all humans. Our differences — whether they be race, creed, religious, lifestyle or otherwise — are what makes us powerful. When we unite in that understanding, we are unstoppable.
  • War and violence are not only not necessary, but also destroying the fabric of the human race. The idea that war is “good for the economy” is rhetoric pushed to further agendas of mercenary aims. That’s an illusion.
  • We are all innately connected by the Unified Field of Consciousness.When we hurt another, we hurt ourselves. There is no separation. When we put our hand out for others, we are also helping and supporting ourselves.
  • Fear, in and of itself, is an agenda which has kept us disempowered. We are the creators of our experience. And as such, we have the freedom to choose and then create love or fear. We choose love, as we create a better world.
  • Materialism and Wealth is a distraction from what we are really here to do. We are here to evolve our inner world, expand and grow. It’s not that having “stuff” is bad. It’s not good or bad. It’s nothing. And it keeps us from exploring the real jewel we have within. All of our power, joy, peace and abundance is actually within us. That’s not a euphemism or a panacea. It’s truth. When we tap into that, we need very little, because it fills us in a way that nothing outside of us can or will.

Miracles become everyday occurrences, as we let go of violence, hatred and judgement, and embrace compassion, love and peace.

It’s just a choice.

Be the change. Become empowered. Create the world you want to see. And bring fantasy into reality.





**This post was originally published in on Medium.


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