My friend eloquently reminded me the other day of a very important truth.  

“Pain is a great motivator,” she succinctly stated while we were discussing how the trials of the past brought us to our joy in the present.  Nailed it!

It may seem obvious that humanity has been trained to avoid pain at all cost.  Ease and comfort clearly sound like more desirable states of being.  However, when we avoid experiencing pain at all costs…when we manipulate, control, suppress, ignore, and lie….we are depriving ourselves of one of the most powerful tools for emotional maturity, expansion, and ultimately effortless joy.

I recognize that the avoidance of pain may seem to be the most logical path, but it is also encouraged on a societal level.  It’s everywhere.  The message is “whatever you do, don’t feel discomfort!”.

And, my suggestion, because of my own experiences with hurt and suffering, is to reevaluate your relationship with these feelings.  I have learned that these wounds that we experience, if we allow them in, are what holds space for healing and more joy.  I have gotten to the point in my life, that when I see pain heading my way, I invite it in.  I do this now because…well, first of all, I know that experiencing discomfort is inevitable anyway……you can only avoid the lessons of your soul for so long…if you avoid the lessons, they get bigger and louder, as there isn’t anything more crucial to your higher self/soul than expansion and growth.  And your soul knows that pain is the tool for this expansion.  In addition, after years and years of avoidance…and then years and years of wave after wave of emotional distress, I now know that the pain actually moves me closer to where I want to go.  The sadness, sorrow, grief and agony that I have encountered has transformed me and my life beyond my highest expectations. 

Of course, I am not suggesting that you spend your days looking for misery, but when it manifests in your life, consider shifting your perspective towards it.  Pain is a tool.  Humanity is here to evolve, expand and grow.  The most effective tool for this transformation is the pain.  So, embrace the pain.  Become the observer and ask yourself why this despair is in your life.  What is the pain here to teach you?  And, then you will see any discomfort move through you at lightening speed, leaving a new found understanding and ultimately more joy.

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