Your access to shifting or creating your life to be more of what you want is intertwined with your ego’s belief that it needs to protect you.  The ego builds infrastructures of protection and if you are outside of that comfort zone, you feel compelled to act, behave or control your environment to bring yourself back to the place of balance. This protection is so ingrained in you that it’s not often conscious.  So, it’s a subconcious control of yourself and your environment to feel harmony or something close to that feeling.  

However, the need to control becomes a never ending cycle. Because, as soon as you are close to that feeling of “okay, everything is at it should be”, there is always another outside factor that comes into play which you need to manage.  It feels a bit like shoveling in the middle of a snowstorm. There is always more snow. And, day to day life is a chore of constant control.

In truth and paradoxically, it’s those control systems that prevent you from shifting your life towards a more permanent state of receiving the joy that you desire.  When you are able to slowly dismantle your need to manage everything all of the time, you open yourself up to new and different options which you previously believed were not available to you.  The idea of “oh no, I can’t have, be or do that”, becomes “anything is possible”.  It’s as if you are allowing more fluidity in your day to day control structures, so that you become a vibrational match to alternatives that were previously out of reach. 

You can initiate this process by proactively changing the usual way you live your life.  And, in the beginning, it helps to make small changes, such as taking a different road or routes when you drive to work or school or the grocery store.  I have learned that if you are making an energetic shift in your life, the slower you shift, the quicker you will see the change. And conversely, if you rush the shift, it slows down the change. So start slowly and with conscious intention of being easy with yourself, your feelings and your ego.

As you are progressing, situations will present themselves for you to “practice allowing”. So, maybe you feel overwhelmed because aspects of your life appear “out of control”.  This could arise in areas such as money, relationships, jobs etc., but usually the opportunity avails  itself in areas where your ego is highly likely triggered to react.  

This is your point of power.  

You have the choice to react or maintain the belief/have faith that you don’t need to control and then allow.  Although you may feel vulnerable, keep in mind that your higher self knows exactly what you want and how to get you there.  Your soul or higher self knows that you don’t need protection and if you accept and allow, it can move you closer to the joy and peace you want to receive.  So, do your best in the moment, without judgement of yourself or anyone else,  to self-nurture with the understanding that every experience of this kind is your higher self giving you an opportunity to relax your hold on previously held constructs.  

Your logical mind/ego cannot discern from this perspective how this benefits you.  Because, it is only able to use past experience as its template, and when you don’t react in the usual panic or otherwise, this opens you up to all available opportunities to shift towards ultimately all that you want.   All the Joy and Peace and Love.  I will say this again because this is the shortened version of all that I just said.  Every time you are at a boundary where your feelings are uncomfortble; you are angry, annoyed, sad, ticked off, etc, and you don’t react, you have the opportunity to release yourself from the belief systems that hold you back from experiencing all that you desire.  And, each time you do not react, you are integrating your soul and ego, until you are operating from one voice.  The voice of your soul. And that provides you with exponential internal growth which is reflected within all of your reality. 

And, let me tell you, that is power. It’s extraordinary.  

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