There are many dimensions or layers to the process of getting to know yourself. I like to think of them as signs or guide posts which continue to direct me towards becoming my authentic self.  I recognized this as I observed different interactions with others occurring when I believed that I had moved beyond this level of understanding, or when I was dealing with a health issue even when I was actively practicing self-love.

Along the journey to complete self-awareness, otherwise known as emotional maturity, we encounter various external signs that can be looked at as a “heads up” from your soul or higher self.  These signs at times can be jarring, but they can also be subtle, and all degrees in between.  Nonetheless, they all serve as a catalyst from yourself to move you forward in your journey to know your soul more intimately.

A common avenue our higher self uses to relay messages to us is through our physical health.  Because we are so intimately connected with “feeling well”, this is a very effective way to get our attention, and the most difficult for us to ignore. An illness manifests first on an emotional and energetic level.  So, whether you are conscious of these emotions or not, they build within you until you take action to address them or they become an illness.  Although there may be a clear physical or external trigger as well, the root of the illness was created by unresolved emotions which just want your attention.  So, it’s your higher self saying to you, “Dude!  Look at this!  Explore your feelings in this area!”  I know that this concept has become more mainstream and there are many resources to explore this understanding, but Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” is the book that I use when exploring the underlying emotion for any illness.  Hay is a pioneer in this field and she provides a great cheat sheet with health issues and the correlating emotions which is in her book as well as an app that you can download for your phone or tablet.

Your higher self also commonly uses relationships in your life to get your attention and redirect you towards your highest good.  Although fairy tales have led us to believe that relationships are meant to complete us, the truth is that the people in your life are meant to move us in the direction of realizing that all that we need is within us.  And once you have fallen in love with yourself, the real prince or princess, and taken complete responsibility for all that your life is, without exception, that is when your life becomes the fairy tale.  So, you go on a journey to know and complete yourself and then the relationships in your life transform to your highest joy.  The saying “bring out the best in yourself, and you will see the best in others” isn’t referring to wearing your best shoes (for example)  It is literally describing the transmutation of yourself to bring forward the best version in others.  Energetics!  The one caveat here is that I am by no means suggesting that if you are in an abusive relationship that you should stay.  When abuse is going on in any fashion, that is a very clear message to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible.  Otherwise, however, your relationships are providing you with a roadmap for ways to explore your inner world and GIVE YOURSELF whatever it is that you feel that you are lacking.  The objective is to come to a place of knowing that everything that you desire is literally within you and comes from the love and power of your soul.  It’s a state of empowerment whereby you stop looking outside of yourself for anything because you are literally able to give it to yourself.  For example, when you are looking to others to affirm to you that you are good enough, you will have relationships with people that never give you that satisfaction.  This is not to keep you in misery and wanting, but rather to move you to find that understanding within.  There isn’t a person on earth that is not worthy of infinite love, but the paradox is that you must find the love for yourself first.  When you have this epiphany of being worthy without that outside reflection, the guides or signs have done their job and the transformation of your relationships can occur.  Most of us have been taught the opposite of this.  However this is not the true way that reality or the underlying energetics of life works.  If you are searching for abundance and security, find it within first.  If feel unloved, love yourself first.  This works hand in hand with the idea of  “what you put out is what you get back”.  You cannot come from a place of lack and manipulate or cajole others to provide that for you.  You are literally working against yourself  and fighting the underlying energetics of your world.

One final point, all of the signs in our life are coming from our higher self, who has nothing but unconditional love for us.  And, what you resist, persists (another energetic understanding).  So, it is crucial to accept, allow and give gratitude for all of the signs in your life.  And many times, the gratitude alone for the message you are receiving…..and believe me, I know how difficult it is to give gratitude to an aspect of your life when you feel as though it’s driving you crazy!….is the energetic shift that allows you to understand that you are all that you need and releases the need for that sign to be there anymore.  So, it doesn’t have to be complicated because even if you aren’t sure what the sign is telling you, the acceptance and gratitude illuminates you with all of the understanding that the sign was trying to provide.     

Your higher self only wants your highest joy, but also with its infinite wisdom, knows that the path to that destination requires you understand the true infinite, eternal and abundant nature of your soul.

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