Your ability to ground love is really crucial at this time.   We are all learning and progressing to the next level of emotional maturity.  And, love, and all of its aspects, are the foundation of that process. 

One way of bringing “love” into more of your experience is through your ability to transform your reactions to others.  So, finding new approaches to interacting with others that reflect who YOU are, regardless of how they are acting. An example of this would be refraining from judgement when someone else does something that is based in fear.  Instead of reacting, judging and shaming, make the choice to stay rooted in love.  Come from the perspective of your soul rather than your ego. Make the choice to be a reflection of your soul and show the other person compassion even if this is just the feeling you have on the inside.  See them as another soul learning and growing. Your judgement does not further them along in emotional maturity and self-awareness.  It only gives them a reflection of more fear, which they must be feeling anyway or they would not be reacting in an unconscious manner in the first place.  Furthermore, because we are all energetically connected to each other, and there truly is no separation, when you judge another, you are judging yourself. Finally, when you show compassion to another you are holding space and slowly healing them, you and all of humanity. The ripple effect comes into play.  

I find this to be a practice just like all other areas of growth.  When we learn to do anything, it is the practice that solidifies the idea into a knowing. When learning to ride a bike, you begin with a feeling of being unsure of your ability to execute, and each time you ride you tweak your performance until you don’t have to think about it anymore.  And then you just know.  

I have found this very helpful in transforming various issues within my own family and life.  The message is:  Make the choice to stay centered in the knowing that you are, just as everyone else, a spiritual being or fractal of God, having an experience on earth to learn and grow. Hold onto that perspective and don’t use others’ behavior as an excuse to be otherwise. Each time that you make that choice you are grounding more love on earth and gradually changing the face of the planet.  Be love.  Always.  For that’s what you are.  đź’™

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