Receiving Joy.  I was told by The Company of Heaven that this is an easy feeling to experience but a difficult one to receive.  I am still trying to sort through this concept.  However, I believe that it’s my job, along with countless others, to post my perspective of how to receive joy and all derivatives of this emotion and so I will do so now, and as and when I find I have something of value to share. 

In the past, I had no idea what the word Joy and any of its synonyms really meant.  So receiving Joy was just out of the question.  Not on my radar.  But now I find that I am able to receive Joy through even the nuances of life.  Joy comes to me when I see the majesty of the trees as they stand gallantly cleansing the earth as we go about our day.  I have a new appreciation for nature – all of nature – but trees in particular – they are consciousness with pure intent.  Trees represent this extraordinary ability to maintain loyalty to their path and their mission on planet earth.  So, just standing near one of these extraordinary creatures, I am able to receive the joy that they bring to me and all of humanity.

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