This past Easter Sunday I began to ponder about “tradition” and the role it plays in our lives. I make no claims about right or wrong – heck I used to belong to a country club – no judgement here – but rather just a thought to consider. And quite frankly, given my previous steadfast hold on “tradition”, I am a perfect person to propose this thought. What role does tradition play in our lives? Does it assist us in growth and evolution – availing to us new perspectives or does it keeps us stuck in what is? Okay so the answer is obvious….yes, it’s a leading question! But allow me please….

Just in case you missed the signs – which I know this crowd has not – humanity is waking up to their greater self. We are in an unprecedented time period – literally every being in the universe is watching – and it has been termed “The Great Shift”. It has been prophesied in various forms in all religious and spiritual texts, as well as various literature over the centuries. Even the Mayans have skin in this game. Scientists, scholars, spiritual luminaries, government officials (yep) and astrophysicists alike are researching, writing and teaching about humanity’s shift as a collective into a higher state of consciousness. It’s time for us to evolve into a more mature understanding of ourselves and our existence. As we speak, researchers are making ongoing discoveries on the overlap between consciousness/energy/”love” and quantum physics. In the next few years, as humanity wakes up to the fact that there is no separation between these two subjects, our spiritual evolution will take off.

Why am I talking about “tradition” and the evolution of consciousness in the same breath? Because on Easter Sunday, Christians are celebrating the rebirth or resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. And with all holidays, much tradition is linked and many times used as a guidepost measuring the success of the day. However, I am proposing that we look at this holiday and all holidays from a new perspective. We are birthing a consciousness – resurrecting ourselves to our fullest glory – do you know how big that is?  So, let’s consider relinquishing our tight grip on tradition just a bit – so that we can allow the space for more LOVE. Let’s say to ourselves today and every day – not just holidays – “wow, another day for me to Love fiercely and with all of my heart and soul”.   Let’s just stop measuring ourselves by the pomp and circumstance, and limiting our greatness. Let’s REmember that we are perfect already, so there isn’t anything else to do but love.   Love. That is all that is real anyway.

I love you!

What do you think?

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