You are the light that wields perception

Gorgeous reflections —Truths with a capital “T”—from Julie @Love’s Beginning. ‘You are the light, and so is everyone else. You shine eternally. Only your perceptions would tell you otherwise.’

Love's Beginning

We wish to draw your attention to a large golden-white ball of light. It is scintillating, pulsing, vibrating with beautiful life all the time.

This is you. This is everyone else, all the time. This is God. If you don’t like that word, this is Source. This is All That Is.

Now, take a black Sharpie and draw a thin line all around the outside of the ball. This represents the illusion collectively co-created in fearful thought. Not all thought is fearful, though. See gaps in the line. The light does shine through. See the light above the surface of the black line. The places where you have allowed the light through–that light joins to other places where light has been allowed through. There is a a glow of light outside the black line. This represents all the love and flow you currently allow into your experience.

Now see this…

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