I won’t ever let the darkness determine who I am. — the Flash

This quote struck me as I was watching The Flash the other day with my daughter, who absolutely loves the idea of meta-humans for good, super powers, and light triumphing over darkness.

I must admit I have that in common with her.

The Darkness Gives Us the Opportunity to Choose

Although reality does a beautiful job of convincing us otherwise, when we are presented with anything that can be constituted as darkness— be it judgement, bigotry, racism, sexism, hate, anger, ignorance, indifference, divisiveness — this is a unique opportunity for each and every one of us to use the power of choice.

This is your point of power.

We can either match that low vibration energy which is being given off by another or we can choose differently.

We can choose to emanate light.

We can choose to be who we are.

What I have come to realize after many years of self-discovery is that the darkness isn’t outside of us. It’s a version of us that we came here to experience and explore.

There is no out there.

There is only each one of us, examining ourselves — steeped in the belief of separation — through the process of physical incarnation in a consensus reality.

And we have done that.

We have played all the roles. We have acted as the victim and the perpetrator, the villain and the savior, the thief and the superhero, the king and the court jester— and all of the roles in between the polarities.

What a ride it has been!

We have explored our own innate, divine intelligence through separation.

And it was only through separation — through the darkness — that we could learn more about the light that we embody.

But now it’s time to return to the truth of who we are.

Photo by Francisco Gomes on Unsplash

Choose the Light, Choose Love, and You Will Heal the World. One Choice at a Time.

The path of our return merely requires that we choose ourselves.

It only demands one task from us, and that is, that we choose the light.

And each time that we do so, we are literally healing timelines, through each and every decision to look in the face of hatred and see love.

The only way to defeat the darkness

is to become the light. —

A Wrinkle in Time


The Truth is That the Battle Doesn’t Exist

Yes, you could argue and be correct in your perspective that there are forces of evil at play which are holding us hostage; denying us the freedom that we inalienably deserve.

But that’s just a story we are telling ourselves so that we make choices that bring us back to the truth.

The truth of our unity. The truth of our divinity. The truth of our eternal, innately intelligent nature, which is embodied in a fractal, holographic universe for growth and expansion.

There isn’t actually a battle because to defeat the darkness all that we have to do is turn on the light.


It’s literally that simple. Maybe the day to day process of learning to live that way again isn’t always easy.

But it is that simple.

So let go of needing to battle and fight the darkness you see in the mirror reflection that is reality.

It’s just another aspect of consciousness serving you in your own exploration and will quickly fade from your awareness when you choose to accept the truth of who you really are.

We are all divine intelligence in a body deep in the throes of separation, turning the corner to journey home to oneness.

How do you choose?

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