Did you ever ask yourself the question, “If I were going to teach myself a lesson about where my true power is, how would I do it?”

I’m guessing the answer is “no” because you’re probably not crazy-obsessed about this topic like I am.

But think about it, if you will, for a minute.

Imagine that we are all playing the Cosmic Game of Expansion.

It’s a virtual reality format where you don’t know that it’s just a game. In it, you believe that the role you’re playing is the truth of who you are.

In other words, you believe that you are the avatar you created.

It won’t be a stretch for you to conceptualize this because we now have the technology to actually play it out. So stay with me here.

Participation in this evolutionary pastime involves taking a deep dive into separation — disconnection from the source of who you are and the powers you innately have — so that you can learn and grow in ways not possible without this experience.

Let’s assume that your true being, the essence of who you are before you pour your consciousness into the avatar, is infinite, eternal and divine intelligence.

Source: We pour our consciousness into the avatar we create or more specifically the avatar we create exists within our consciousness.

So, to get a PhD in what that means, you must forget who you are and play various roles of limitation.

Part of the learning requires that you put yourself in a multitude of situations which you wouldn’t experience otherwise— involving fear, hatred, victimhood, disempowerment, confusion, pain and so on — which are distressing but chock full of growth.

And so you go round after round — lifetime after lifetime — playing the game of incarnation, where there are no winners or losers, only a richer wisdom of what it means to be a creator.

Except for the hidden in plain sight clues which dance on the periphery of your awareness, you are never the wiser to your true identity. Codes and memory triggers are woven into the fabric of existence, practiced by indigenous tribes, and left behind by ancient scholars, but you don’t recognize them as valuable.

Not yet anyway.

But at some point this portion of the game — the exploration of duality and polarity — is over. It’s time to evolve. And it’s time to wake up.

Why? Because you have played out all of the roles, perspectives and personas necessary to truly gain all the learning possible through separation.

And, you might say that at this point you face your most daunting task yet.

After a millennia of lifetimes steeped in the illusion, you must now wake yourself up to who you truly are so that you can return to that more expansive version of yourself.

But, what is the exit strategy for empowerment and sovereignty?

So I’ve thought about this question. A lot. How does the game end? How do the players awaken? How do they teach themselves the tools for expansion and freedom?

And I realized that there must be a solid strategy in place before delving into separation, or you might be stuck in the illusion indefinitely.

Key elements to initiate the return:

  • Recognition that this is a game and that you aren’t actually the avatar you created.
  • Realization that all power comes from within our consciousness.
  • Reacquaintance with the tools and techniques of creation — the skillful handling and mastery of consciousness — for empowerment and sovereignty.
  • Rendering of a collective endpoint to the game of separation within the timeline continuum such that all of the players who are ready awaken, gain mastery and use their inner world to shape their outer world; thereby elevating humanity, otherwise known as the avatars we’ve created, to an unprecedented, more-evolved level of consciousness. This shift initiates an evolutionary return and plants the seed for the new human.
  • Remembering that there may be some players who just aren’t ready yet to make that shift. Anyone who requires more experience in separation before the return have the option to jump into an alternate timeline (similar game, different evolutionary progression) for this purpose (without judgement) and revisit the evolution in their own timing.

After coming up with the key elements, I then devised what I believe would be the most optimal exit strategy from the perspective of both the game creator and game player:

  • Crumbling of the old, out-dated paradigm: I would make sure that as the game was coming to an end that I begin to see that the old ways of living are no longer working. I would insert into my experience definitive catalysts for my awakening. These catalysts would serve to destabilize my old way of being, crack the shell of any resistance to change, and trigger within me an existential crisis.
  • Awareness of the codes, clues and memory triggers: I would finally allow myself to notice and really see the built-in clues — the hints and messages that reveal that this experience is a cosmic game of creation, we are all innately far more powerful than we imagine, and activation of this magical force is within us — which have been around me for the duration of the game, but have never been deep enough in my awareness to awaken this truth.
  • Disempowerment and Victimhood Template initiated which would only be transformed through the implementation of consciousness: I would construct a life scenario for myself where I felt stuck, disempowered and disillusioned. And I would craft this experience such that the only way to reconnect to and reengage with the motherboard of my creational dominion is to go within. The only possibility of exiting the matrix of my experience, both individually and collectively, is to use the tools of my inner world, my consciousness.
  • Choose volunteer messengers who are triggered to deliver the codes of creation just in time for the ending of the game: These emissaries of light would provide fundamental understandings to the players to support the awakening and evolution out of separation. Their role would be to deliver a message of empowerment and sovereignty, provide the building blocks of reality and teach the basic skills needed to become a creator. Important concepts, such as, “mastering your relationship to thought allows you to become sovereign in your creation” would be disseminated far and wide.
                                                     Tool of Creation
  • Fail-safe of Creational Powers: I would implement a safeguard into the game, such that I would only have access to higher, creational abilities in lock step with the raising of my consciousness. So the more that I connected with the more expansive, vibrational architecture of reality — such as love, compassion, forgiveness, discernment without judgement, unity etc.— the more access I would gain to my power to create.
  • Use of the avatar itself — the biological vehicle to navigate the game — as a tool to wind down the separation, awaken and evolve: I would construct the biological vehicle or human body to carry light codes, possibly in our DNA, which as triggered would not only support and catalyze the ongoing evolution within each avatar but also illuminate the codons of others for their awakening.
Source: An agent of divine architecture passing along the keys and codes to awakening, empowerment and sovereignty.

What if, this is indeed, a cosmic dance we’re doing for growth and learning?

I recognize that this is actually a game of creation, which I am playing for expansion, and that it’s time to go home.

This is by no means an exhaustive strategy to such an evolutionary endeavor, but does any of this ring a bell to you? Is there something familiar to you in this hypothetical virtual reality game of learning?

Please understand that I present this hypothetical not as a means to convince you of anything, but rather to offer a possibility for you to consider. This journey — especially now — is not about following the leadership or thought of others, but rather of gaining sovereignty of body, mind and spirit. Whatever that means to you as a creator.

And so I leave you to consider and decide for yourself what this confluence of events is indicating to you and to the human collective.

Quite possibly, we have awoken to our own suppression and oppression. We have awoken to our own innate intelligence and divinity and it’s time to use our tools — our consciousness — to break free.

5 thoughts on “How did we become the avatar we created? And, the exit strategy to empowerment and sovereignty.

  1. You explained it so well! What I am experiencing lately is the disconnect between the 3D self and the higher self, and the opportunity to let that true self come online. Like a massive spring cleaning, but I am also hearing that we are creating this together as we go along. I feel the same thing about the failsafe–that we will access abilities as we are able to handle them. Sometimes the last thing to go is our fear of not being able to handle them.

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    1. ‘What I am experiencing lately is the disconnect between the 3D self and the higher self, and the opportunity to let that true self come online. Like a massive spring cleaning’. Yes. I’m feeling as though we are approaching a new level and understanding of embodying the higher self. Hence the spring cleaning. The physical body needs that final tweaking so the higher self can settle in comfortably!

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