I believe that it is extremely important at this time to understand that how you view your world, your experience and each and every moment, is a choice – a choice to see through the eyes of love or fear.  Whatever you choose, know that the world is at your command.

What you decide is what you will experience.

And if you are not yet ready to choose love, it will wait patiently for you to embrace the the truth of what is, without judgement.  For that is love…patient, enduring, subtle yet more powerful than you can imagine, compassionate, empathetic of where your journey has taken you, gentle yet able to dissolve any feelings related to fear with ease, discerning but without judgement, supportive but without the need to control…love is glorious.

So, take your time in deciding what is most supportive of your path, for once you have embraced love, fear is nothing but a distant memory.  Love will rock you gently in its arms, easing your woes, soothing your hurts and reminding you that love is all there is…Choose Love.

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