Now, more than ever before, I hear the winds of truth blowing within the hearts and minds of humanity, beckoning forth an unprecedented change in the way we see ourselves and our relationship to the world.

I would assert that humanity is poised for an extraordinary shift.  This shift will involve a global maturity in consciousness, which will affect everyone on the planet, and dramatically transform for the better, the way we live, work and relate with each other.  And, the catalyst for this change will be the truth within us.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “I have no idea what she is talking about?  I don’t see that at all right now.”  And to that I would say, you just have to look closer, at the subtle changes that are brewing beneath what appears to be chaos.

If you look closer, you will see signs of this shift, as the younger generations enter the workforce and begin to make their mark on the world.  I see a fundamental difference in their career intentions and goals versus that of previous generations.  When I graduated from business school in 2001, the majority of my peers, including me, seemed to be focused on making money and finding a career that was a good fit.  In contrast, and from my perspective, the younger generations have found more altruistic ways of living, working and supporting themselves.  In my opinion, this more balanced approach wasn’t readily apparent or even available in the past.  Now, however, the professional climate has subtlety shifted enough that these new entrants to the workforce are able to combine their desires to enhance and change the current marketplace, and in the career of their choice, while comfortably supporting themselves financially.

I believe this shift speaks to a new set of priorities, away from greed, survival of the fittest, and lack of transparency to sharing, collaboration and integrity.  I believe that many of the institutions, structures and systems of the world are aching for the breath of truth to be blown into them; clearing away the debris and detritus to allow for fresh, new perspectives.

Just the other day, I was reading a post by Daniel Roth, Executive Director at LinkedIn.  Roth featured a post, Introducing LinkedIn Next Wave: Top Professionals 35 and Under Changing the Way We Do Business, whereby these young professionals exude the truth of who they are and how they are altering the landscape of what success looks like through new eyes.  They are not jaded by the weight of the struggle many of us have endured, and therefore they offer us a shining example of what truly is possible if we divest ourselves of old battle wounds, outdated beliefs and perspectives.

The young professionals in this post all demonstrate the qualities of integrity and confident authenticity which has begun and will continue to revitalize, transmute, and evolve the professional landscape and ultimately the world.

Finding Your Truth and Looking to New Horizons

These new avenues and opportunities are not and should not be limited to only the younger generations.  It is now time for all of humanity to revisit and explore the truth of who they are and consider how they can benefit from and contribute to the changes occurring in all industries and arenas.

IT is time.

It is time to wipe the decks clean with the power of truth, so that we can set sail to more enlightened destinations composed of innovation, balance, ease, abundance, love and joy.  It is now time to seek our truth, and champion this new vision.  It is now time to discover what has held us back; norms that have tethered us to complacency, disillusionment or disease, and let them go.  It is now time to face the truth of our experience, no matter what it looked or felt like and move forward with the new.

I know that most of us didn’t embark upon this journey with expectations of “doing it right 100% of the time” or “perfection”.  The learning is in the experience.  We have all encountered situations and dramas, which we never anticipated, but ultimately provided us with a platform for growth. If we choose that perspective.

However, so many of us have unexplored feelings, coupled with antiquated and outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world.  Much of these feelings are related to fear or lack, as a result of enduring various levels of trauma and drama, which we have hidden in the dark. Pushed down and glossed over, these unresolved feelings lie dormant.  We don’t touch the unresolved aspects of ourselves. We avoid having to revisit the emotions and the subsequent shame that seems to go hand-in-hand with life and work challenges or unfulfilled expectations.

And yet, the dormancy is merely what we tell ourselves, when we don’t want to look at something.  These unresolved emotions often wreak havoc in our lives, relationships and careers.  Even what we perceive to be trivial, truly holds us back from living and working at our highest potential.  We often become complacent and almost comfortable with the dissatisfaction.  It appears to be the better option, when the alternative is working through that which we hide within ourselves.  Unfulfilling relationships, lives and careers become the norm.

Yet, we do not have to live and work with the feelings of “this is as good as it gets”.

Humanity is developing an emotional maturity, which as it blossoms, avails us to freedom, excitement and even joy.  We no longer need to hide from ourselves.  There is another way.

This way begins with total self-honesty.  Not from a place of shame or judgement, but a desire to identify the wisdom we have acquired on our journey. Once we recognize that feelings are just information, a path opens to us which beckons us towards more; more of what we had given up on or cast aside and replaced with “this is all that we can expect or hope for”.

If we dedicate ourselves to the truth of what is, we can explore any aspect of ourselves which is out of alignment with whom we truly are and want to be.  We can recognize that our experiences were there to teach us, and there is no shame or judgement in that. And then, we can resolve, and let go of old patterns of thought and behavior, replacing them with new perspectives and strategies which support our highest goals and visions.  The more we embrace these new truths about ourselves, the more our life begins to mold to what was previously only in our dreams.

Once you have found these truths within and begin to live authentically and with integrity in the world…well, that changes everything.  That is the game changer.  Life, work and play transform from mundane acceptance to vibrant expectation of what is next and everything is possible.

I have explored and continue to consider my truths and the values I hold, which to me are non negotiable. Integrity in my life, work, and interactions with others is my mainstay.  I believe, that if I don’t have truth, then I have nothing.  It is the building block of how I live my life now.  It was not always that way though.  After business school, marriage, children, becoming a stay-at-home mom, and various life challenges, I woke up one day with the epiphany that there was a big “something” missing and set out on a path of self-exploration.  Although I believe that I will always be evolving, growing, and expanding the truth of who I am, I now have a clear vision of how the past has served me, what my fundamental beliefs and values are, and why I take action and make decisions every day with the intent of enhancing my own life and the life of anyone who desires to use the truth as their ally.

I encourage you to find the simple yet powerful energy of truth in your own life and work.  Knowing the wisdom provided by your personal and professional experiences – each and every one of us has a unique perspective – and bringing, offering, and contributing this perspective to the world with authenticity will transform all that you touch.

Truth has now become a revolutionary and evolutionary imperative, which is creating and will continue to forge a path to our highest destiny.

As we sit at the precipice of a global transformation, I encourage you to embrace truth and explore innovation from that vantage point.  This shift that I speak about will occur because we have chosen the truth within each one of us. So, have the courage to be  confident, vulnerable and authentic within yourself and then share that with the world.

The time is now to find the truth within us.

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