According to Google Light is:

1) the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible

2) Understanding of a problem or mystery; enlightenment. 

Although I concur with these two definitions, I would add more. Light is simple.  Light is Love.  Light is cohesive and integrative. Light is ease. Light is Truth. Light is Clarity. Light is Consciousness, Source and All-that-is. Light is who we all are. Light is the basis of reality or creation. 

Light has no opposite, because Light is all there is. So the state of darkness is not equal in its power, for it is merely the absence of Light that allows that perspective. So, Light is also not in opposition to darkness. Darkness exists as a valid experience, but all that is required to cease in experiencing darkness is a mere crack of Light. Light is the single most powerful force in the universe. It’s just we – Humanity – as a collective are just starting to understand its power. 

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