Very simply, at some point, I began to feel lost and disenfranchised by the life I had dreamed of versus what it felt like when I arrived at the “destination”. I had so much, yet it all felt so empty. On the outside, I appeared happy and content, but internally I was suffering. I would wake up every morning with a sick feeling in my stomach of fear, dread and confusion. And unbeknownst to me at the time, I was suffocating myself with material items and stuff to prevent myself from feeling; the sadness and the emptiness. I was ignoring the emotions, old wounds and outdated belief systems which needed to be looked at and resolved.

Looking back now, I realize that I had what you could call an existential crisis. I was drowning in stuff and accomplishments but on the inside saddled with intense feelings of confusion, being lost, and knowing that there must be more to life. So I went on a journey of exploration of ancient philosophies and teachings combined with a study of consciousness, the unified field and the nature of existence. I was drawn to anything that I could get my hands on and fascinated about what it taught me about myself, our purpose and our existence.

Simultaneously, I began to gradually and consistently practice meditation, self-awareness, yoga, and emotional mastery. In doing so, I have transformed my life in miraculous ways and experience the world in a whole new way. I cannot remember the last time I woke up with a feeling of dread, fear or confusion. So, after experiencing such extraordinary results, it became my mission and passion to share my techniques with the world. I write, teach, share and offer consultation and guidance to individuals and organizations who are interested in changing their lives and businesses through personal growth.


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  1. You are an amazing women and I’m honored to be your sister and friend. I look forward to learning more about your journey. Heather

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  2. Journey
    Everyone said I was cute
    I wanted to be handsome
    Everyone said I was smart
    I wanted to be dumb
    Everyone said I could sell
    I wanted to tell a story
    And tell it well
    I am afraid to risk it all
    To make the catch
    Not the miss
    Be on the precipice
    To calculate the odds
    The Consequence
    The Denouement
    The breakdown after
    The Fall
    Yet Hope
    Springs eternal
    Winters cold chill
    The Sun also rises
    To fulfill the
    Summer still


  3. Self
    Fie the notion
    Narcissism is not pretty
    Not cool
    You play the fool
    When viewing
    In the backround
    To stare into the lens
    In your hand
    Is to see yourself
    Much like your voice
    Sounds foreign
    The picture of your
    Is barren
    Of your whole
    The wealth inside
    No matter the number
    Of shutter clicks
    The Self never
    A moth knows who it is
    The flame never far from
    A visual reminder
    The irony in the image


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