Okay, so this concept may require some consideration on your part.

But, from what I have learned about the fundamental nature of existence, we are the ones – each one of us- who are responsible for giving all of our experience it’s meaning. We are the caretakers of the significance that we imbue into our our life and the challenges we face.  Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, that we encounter or undergo has built-in implications. The nature of creation is that it’s fundamentally neutral and we choose how we experience it. 

Why is this important for or relevant to bringing more joy into your life?  

Because when you choose to see all that you encounter as an opportunity for growth, or dare I say as an exciting challenge, you shift EVERYTHING. This decision is an overall infusion of the “love vibration” into your existence, and each and every moment, that allows reality to be more malleable, more clay-like, so that whatever trial you face transforms your life in ways that you cannot imagine.

If you approach life challenges from the perspective of, “Ugh, this is a tragedy.  Why does everything happen to me?  Nothing ever goes my way.  I am a failure, or someone else has failed me, because this wouldn’t be happening otherwise”, that’s what you get.  Because reality is a mirror of what you think, believe or perceive. No judgement from reality.  You just get it.

On the other hand, if you have the courage to look at your situation differently, knowing that all which you experience is an opportunity or catalyst to enhance you and your life, you allow the challenge to bring you expansion, joy, love, peace and abundance.  You have relaxed your previously held ideas that have kept you stuck in the repetitive cycle of “more of the same drudgery” and “life is hard” to facilitate extraordinary synchronicities and unexpected solutions.

Now, which do you choose?

And, just like everything else that I write about, I have practiced and continue to utilize this technique to transform my own perceived barriers and roadblocks.

Why do we find this difficult?  Because we aren’t accustomed to approaching life in this way.  We observe a situation, search in our memory base for the exact feelings we have had about similar encounters, and hold onto this interpretation – not just out of instinct but also from the limited perspective that we have no choice in the matter.  In addition, we are most commonly viewing the conundrum from a purely physical point of view.  Often we do not have a holistic understanding of the underlying energy, the ultimate purpose for this energy, or the unseen vibrational resolution which would avail itself to us.  So, we are in the habit of observing life challenges with dread, discomfort and sometimes even agony, many times before we have even thought through any of the nuances and options, and that perspective plays out exactly as we are perceiving it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The MEANING we give our challenges either locks us into misery or opens the door for limitless joy.  Once you choose a higher definition of the situation, through the lense of opportunity, you don’t even have to move through the entire challenge to receive the “joy”.  The choice of perspective is the catalyst which will immediately begin to create an ease in your life, even while you are still working through whatever you have encountered.

I understand that this concept may require a loosening or relaxing of your current beliefs and perspectives, to open up to this idea.

However, to help you along, consider that across all cultures, creeds and nations, depending on your belief systems, one single event can be encountered from such disparate points of view, that the meaning given can range from extraordinary to horrific. All basis of experience, or the meaning you give the events in your life, are based on your beliefs and perspectives gained by your upbringing and the past.

So, with this premise, meaning isn’t as “set in stone” or “fixed” as we may believe.  Meaning is based upon upbringing, culture and past experiences.  Yet, there isn’t a rule or mandate that we must remain stuck in these preconceived ideas.  We have the freedom and ability to step out of out-dated structures of thought, so that we can see our life and our challenges from a new and higher vantage point. And, this is the exact mechanism which allows us to shift everything and anything to what we truly desire. 

This transformational technique can be utilized in any and all situations.  For example, if you have a boss who has passed you up for a promotion or is dismissive of your contribution, you can choose to gain self-awareness about your own level of self-confidence or other beliefs which could be a catalyst for your experience, and do the inner-work necessary to shift the reflection.  Or, you could recognize that this is an opportunity to begin looking for opportunities elsewhere.  The exact details of what you do aren’t as crucial, as how you interpret the challenge. See it as an opportunity and it will be one.

All day, every day, this is an underlying idea that I play with and consider.  If I am dreading something, I stop, and realign, and make a conscious decision to see opportunity in even small moments.  Each moment is truly an opportunity if we are open to give it that meaning.

What I have discovered is that everything in life that we face is fundamentally neutral.  We are the translators and the conveyors of meaning.  I am going to say this again, because this is vitally important in creating your reality.    The event itself DOES NOT decide your experience.  Your experience is defined by the MEANING YOU GIVE IT.

So, dive into all challenges, events and moments through the meaning of opportunity, growth, limitless options, and unending joy.  Take full advantage of the freedom you have to interpret all that you encounter without the burden of out-dated beliefs and limiting ideas.  Swim in the ocean of experience and immerse yourself in the waves of challenge, knowing that the meaning you choose will not only keep you afloat, but also set you to sail towards more joy than you can imagine.

Choose your meaning.  Choose your life.  Choose LOVE.

Love is the answer.

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