Have you ever noticed when you buy a new car and your really excited about owning it that you see it everywhere you go?  This is a real life example of the way that the underlying energy of creation brings whatever you are focused on to you. When I first heard the term, “don’t give it any energy”, I did not quite make that connection. Or maybe, I did not actually BELIEVE that what I focused on created my reality. But after years of practicing and testing this concept in my life and my relationships, I know this to be truth.  I have literally observed it in play.  If you do not prefer an aspect of your life, but continue to talk about it, discuss it with friends, analyze it and think about it – guess what – you will continue to reinforce the exact issue which you are wanting to change. 

Your focus = Your reality

So, give energy or focus to what you do want and do not give energy  – no analyzing, discussing, worrying ecetera – to what you don’t want. It really is that straightforward. 

I understand that certain issues require action on your part to resolve. So, take the steps as and when required but do not dwell on it. Just move on. 

If you are curious about this concept, I encourage you to give it a try in your life…I find experience to be the most effective tool in learning something new…and I don’t believe that you will be disappointed that you did! 

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